At the time of the creation of the universe, in a very ancient time of the cosmos, when galaxies and stars were still forming and our world was just  tiny particles of dust and gas in the sky; there was a singularity that caused a tear in space and time triggering an infinity of interdimensional and parallel universes . As our world developed, so did dozens of other worlds.



Genre: MOBA

Platform: PC online

Theme: Intertemporal Fantasty .

More than 20 initial heroes to choose from, periodically increased.


Evaluation and implementation of improvements demanded by the gamer community.

Spectacular group skills.

New types of roles, structures and minions.

And other developments that continuously improve the game.

MOBA 2.0

The Immortal Mystics breaks into the subgenre MOBA,

innovating and improving what exists to date, focusing on gameplay,design and competitive equilibrium. 

                Acquisition of armor for ingame use.

                Detailed statistics.

                Skin of hero or team a la carte.

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