mindiff technology S.L  obtained funding through the Centre for Industrial Technological Development to develop the technology engine tools and vertical applications for MOBA video games and the project  is co-financed  by the European funding regional development department- FEDER, through the Multi-regional Operational program for smart growth. 

This research and development project was initiated in February 2019 and finished in May 2020 with a budget of 931,916.82€. It has been developed by our operations team in Malaga.

Own technology for MOBA ,RTS and RPG.

Features of the SDK:

Management of the interaction with the operating system.

Graphic engine valid for any game.

Generic game engine (collisions, road search, character management, etc ...).

MOBA ,RTS and RPG game engine, with specific and customizable functionality for these kind of games.

Network engine. Version 2.0 of the engine unlike previous versions can be used offline to develope the game as well as online which is extremely useful as you don´t have to be connected to the server as you did before.

Pre-built application, the developer can use the pre-designed flow of the application (menus, configuration, etc.) or customize it to their liking.

Character editor in game time.